National Healthcare Consultants (NHCC) is a South Florida Based Company committed to service in excellence in the Healthcare Industry. NHCC specializes in IAC (ICANL, ICAEL, ICAVL, CT AND MRI, Vein Center), AIUM (GENERAL ULTRASOUND, OB/GYN), The Joint Commission, and ACR.

Generally physician offices, Hospitals and outpatient facilities are committed to servicing the needs of patients and referring physicians and therefore, cannot meet the demands of the accreditation process. NHCC will facilitate the accreditation process quickly, smoothly, and professionally.

Our prices are competitive and very reasonable. Contact us for your free quote.

What National Healthcare Consultants CAN do for you

  • We create Site specific policies & Procedures detailed to your practice
  • We Create Scanning Protocols to Meet the Standards of your Accrediting Body and Your Lab
  • Update or Introduce Laboratory Safety & Confidentiality to meet The Standards of Accreditation
  • Update all HIPAA Requirements
  • Advise clients on the proper Instrument Maintenance (most facilities are paying too much annually)
  • Assist with Compiling Case Studies to Meet the Standards
  • Continuing Education resources for Physicians, Technologists and Sonographers
  • Start a Peer Review Program
  • Quarterly Maintenance Program
  • Initiate Clinical Correlation as mandated by The Standards of Accreditation
  • Productivity Strategies
  • Performance Improvement
  • Quality Assurance & Control
  • Completion of your Entire Electronic Application
  • Monthly Maintenance of all The Standards
  • Recommendations on Equipment & Reporting Packages
  • On-Site BLS Certification (Group Discounts Available)
  • Emergency Response Programs
  • OSHA Compliance Course Resources (Blood Borne Pathogens)

We are fully Committed to your Practice. From the moment we come into your Facility. We become completely engaged in your Work Environment.

​We work alongside you and your workforce and take pride in our highly trained personnel. Professionalism is very important to us.

Quality Assurance Program

Once accreditation has been achieved, we offer an inexpensive QA Program. The QA program; will include all of the required standards for maintaining your accreditation. 

Included in the QA program is two QA meetings per year, paper audits, onsite audits, delay status, change of staff, location or equipment, as well as performing an annual update of all policies & procedures, and annual verification of credentials.

National Healthcare Consultants, LLC

We do it all for you so you can work more effectively in the lab.

Once the QA program is utilized we do not charge any additional fees for the reaccreditation application on your next renewal date. The only fees the lab will be responsible for are the ones payable to your accrediting organization.

Our clients are extremely satisfied with our customer service department and we are reachable 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call now or contact us for more detailed information. We will get back to you the same day as your inquiry.